AI for busy veterinarians

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Our mission
To improve the wellbeing of veterinary professionals and the animals they treat.
Veterinarians are heroes. They devote their time to caring for our furry friends, often working long hours to diagnose illnesses, prescribe medications, and perform procedures. Yet a good portion of their day is spent on administrative tasks like taking notes – time better spent giving animals the care they need.

At Kairo Care, we’re on a mission to give veterinarians back their time by automating the tedious process of note-taking through AI technology.
Our Product: ScribbleVet
Save 2 hours a day with  AI-powered notes!
ScribbleVet is an AI-powered digital scribe that listens in on appointments and generates notes automatically, freeing up vets to focus on caring for their patients.
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About Us
Kairo Care comprises pet owners, veterinary professionals, and our indomitable mascot Potato.
With shared experience working in the veterinary field, non-profits, and education technology, we are brought together by a shared commitment to make a positive impact. Coupled with 8+ years working in AI, we pride ourselves on delivering revolutionary solutions tailored for your practice’s needs.